Clickfunnels vs leadpages

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

While both tools might seem very similar initially, individually they have many different features which set them apart. At a most basic level Leadpages helps it’s user’s to create landing pages, carry out A/B testing and generate leads using a wide variety of templates. ClickFunnels on the other hand while being a costlier option is loaded with features and tools which make it very easy to make sales funnels.

So you’re not sure whether to choose ClickFunnels or Leadpages?
Making this decision can be difficult but you’ve come to the right place. In this comparison guide, we’re going to take an in-depth look at both of these popular tools to help you understand which one is right for you. Unfortunately, In the world of digital marketing, there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” tool. You may already be reading this guide with a bias towards one product but may soon find another to be a much better fit for your business.

We hope to dispel any preconceived ideas about the products and provide you with absolute clarity about how each tool functions and what each tool is designed to do.
We’ll take a look at each tool independently and then compare/contrast them together in a head to head matchup.

But before we get to that part let’s have a look at some of the fundamental concepts and terminology surrounding software of this type.

What is Lead Generation?

By definition, Lead generation is the process of gaining the interest of potential customers in order to increase future sales. It’s an essential element of the sales process for many companies.
A lead is someone that has shown interest in an organisation’s products or services but is most likely not yet qualified to make a purchase. They are prospective customers with whom an organisation has not yet done business, but have given reason to believe they perhaps may want to in the future.

Any individual that has an interest in an organisation’s services or products is considered a lead. Not anyone and everyone is a lead, as people have different preferences and needs. Many businesses often make the mistake of marketing to absolutely everyone when they really should focus on the people that are interested in what the organisation has to offer.

When someone shows interest in your products or services, the steps that person takes in the direction of making their first purchase just seem natural. You just helped them to fulfill a need or solve a problem. ClickFunnels co-founder offers some fantastic training on generating leads for your business, and best of all it’s completely free!

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page by definition can be any page within your website that a visitor lands on first when accessing your site. A landing page therefore could be your home page, an email opt-in page, a sales page, a blog post, a “Contact Us” page, a product listing, or any other type of page on your site that traffic gets sent to.

For marketing purposes, your real goal is to create optimised landing pages that welcome your site’s first time visitors and help them learn more about your product. You may not initially make a sale from these first time visitors, but you can convert them from first time visitors into subscribers of your mailing list by offering lead magnets. Lead magnets are things such as free ebooks or an email course or other useful giveaways. Right there, from their mailbox – you can nurture these leads over time until they become loyal customers. When onboard, you can then continue nurturing those customers until they become repeat business customers and affiliates for your brand.
This process all begins with a landing page focused on conversions. Think therefore of this landing page as the first page in your funnel.

What is a Funnel?

funnel is a series of pages that a user navigates through that eventually lead the visitor towards your pre-determined goal.
As mentioned previously, the goal of your funnel may not necessarily be to provide a service or product. It may simply be to get visitors to subscribe to your mailing list or to sign up for a free trial so that they can get a free hands on experience of what you have to offer. That said, the final goal is ultimately to make a sale, but that doesn’t mean that every funnel you create has to lead to a purchase.
In fact, you may have several types of funnels on your site:
A funnel that nurtures leads (think email subscribers)

  • A funnel that converts your leads into paying customers
  • One that upsells or cross sells to your customers
  • A funnel that turns customers into affiliates for your product

You are not just constrained to a single type of funnel. And do remember that a sales funnel is in essence a series of conversion-optimised pages.
A standard funnel might look like this:

  • A Content page that educates a visitor and introduces your product.
  • Landing Pages that collect email addresses.
  • Sales pages that sell your product
  • A Checkout page to make the final transaction
  • And Following this a series of upsell or cross-sell offers.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is marketing software that allows you to create conversion-optimised pages to use in your sales funnels. ClickFunnels was developed and co-founded by Russell Brunson, Internet marketer, best selling author of Traffic Secrets and Expert Secrets Russel is also the founder of DotCom Secrets.

How ClickFunnels Works

ClickFunnels gives you the ability to create a variety of different types of funnels and landing pages, and that’s just where it begins. Clickfunnels gives you the tools to run email marketing campaigns, the ability to track and manage affiliates, and operate a membership site.

The best part is the ease of use with Clickfunnels. You don’t need to be a web developer to create professional-quality webpages. And, with its share funnels feature, you don’t even need to be an experienced marketer to create a successful sales funnel. You can access funnels that other users have already created and select from a whole plethora of industry specific funnel templates.

But, I’m jumping slightly ahead of myself here. Let’s take a step back and look at the product from the beginning to explain what makes ClickFunnels such an outstanding marketing service.

Create Sales Funnels

You start this process off by determining what your goal will be. The first options displayed are for collecting emails for growing your email list, Selling your product or Inviting visitors to a webinar. When creating a funnel for your goals using ClickFunnels you can select from a library of pre-built funnel templates, or create your own custom funnel from scratch.
If you choose the option for a pre-built funnel template, you can select one of the six funnels that come included in your free 14-day trial, or alternatively, you can select a funnel created by another designer within the ClickFunnels community.
If you would like to design your own custom funnel, you can easily do so from the dashboard.

The next section allows you to design each page manually but only if you want to. You don’t necessarily have to design any of your pages from scratch, due to the fact that there is a massive selection of pre-made pages for you to choose from, alternatively, if you can’t find something that’s right for you, you can take a look at the ClickFunnels marketplace to review and buy a high converting designer template for use as pages within your own funnel. The marketplace features a huge amount of templates to hand-pick from.

If you have decided to design your ClickFunnels page from scratch, use the ClickFunnels’ drag and drop WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get) page editor to create these pages for your funnel.

Create Landing Pages or your Entire Website

You can use the ClickFunnels’ page editor (A.K.A Etison Editor) to easily create your whole website, if you’d like. ClickFunnels lets you create up to 100 pages with the standard plan and an unlimited amount of pages with both the Click Funnels Platinum and Two Comma Club packages. Using ClickFunnels you don’t need to use a separate web host. ClickFunnels will also host your page on their own servers which saves on the cost that it would otherwise take to host your own solution.

ClickFunnels Etison Editor has to be one of the easiest page building tools available on the market right now. You can simply click an area, add some basic text, drag it around to a different area on the page and create an absolutely beautiful design without writing a single line of code! You can add a countdown clocks, buttons, imagery, videos, bullet lists, and much more with a few clicks and then drag those elements wherever you want on the page. It’s a hard task to make a page that isn’t pleasing to the eye with Clickfunnels. 

Take a Closer Look at Some of ClickFunnels Top Features

Let’s take a closer look at what you get when you sign up for ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels has a huge amount of features that can help you build your funnels from the start to the finish. Here are 20 of the top features:

  • The key ClickFunnels features are:
  • Drag-and-drop page builder(WYSIWYG)
  • One-Click upsells & downsells
  • Optin forms
  • Order forms
  • Membership area pages
  • A/B testing feature
  • Connect multiple domains
  • Follow-up funnels
  • Email list-builder tool
  • Email messenger
  • Mobile text notifications
  • Backpack: integrated affiliate management system
  • Affiliate sales dashboard
  • Sticky cookie feature
  • Sales analytics
  • Pre-built funnel templates
  • Share funnels feature
  • Sub-users
  • Payment gateways integration

Your landing pages are hosted on ClickFunnels.

When you use ClickFunnels, you don’t need to buy hosting with another company. Your page is hosted within ClickFunnels.

Get Your very own Custom Domain.

When using ClickFunnels, you have the option to register a new custom domain. ( (for $20 a year) directly within the ClickFunnels admin console, but if you already have a domain you can also port across that existing domain too.

In addition to this but depending on the ClickFunnels plan you’re in – you have the option to link multiple domains to your ClickFunnels account.

This is very useful as it will make it much easier to run an online offer or directly host a webinar right from your website without incurring extra expenditure on themes and premium plugins that you would otherwise have to fork out for. 

ClickFunnels Integrates with WordPress

Do you use WordPress? ClickFunnels has developed a WordPress plugin that gives you the power to show your funnel pages on your blog with no development skills required.

Share your funnels with others.

This is definitely one of the most INCREDIBLE features ClickFunnels has to offer.
With ClickFunnels you are able to share the entire funnel that you have created with other users who can copy it and use it in their accounts.

Pretty much everything, including your automation emails, individual tracking codes, and customised CSS, will clone across with shared funnels.

Another genius feature included in the ClickFunnels share funnels integration is that if you share your funnels with other users and they end up signing up to ClickFunnels through the share funnel page then you will also get affiliate commissions for that.
Now that’s a great way to earn additional revenue from your funnels right?

Nurture Your Leads with the Built-in Email Autoresponder.

ClickFunnels has its own integrated email autoresponder which is called Follow-up Funnels.
Using this autoresponder, you’ll be able to send an unlimited amount of automated emails to an unlimited number of users.

The Follow-up Funnels feature however is only available for the ClickFunnels Platinum plan users.
Using this plan, you won’t need to spend your money on other email marketing software because you’ll have everything integrated inside ClickFunnels.

If you are using the ClickFunnels standard plan then you have the option to choose an auto-responder integration such as Aweber or ActiveCampaign. Find out more about ClickFunnels email autoresponder integrations

Segmentation of your Email List.

You can group your email subscribers based on demographic information, behavior, or where exactly they are in the sales funnel. This allows you to fine tune and send more targeted emails, which will in turn increase conversion rates.

Perform Split (A/B) Testing.

This is another great ClickFunnels Feature. ClickFunnels gives you the option to run A/B tests on your pages to see which elements of your pages work and more importantly which pages don’t work. This feature lets you test headlines, content, design, buttons, and so on. But, that’s not all. Inside the ClickFunnels dashboard, you can A/B test your sales funnels and get detailed and game-changing analytics for them.

The A/B testing feature lets you test multiple pages according to different elements to help determine which version of the page performs best.

A Higher conversion rate = higher sales.
This feature will save you from wasting time, money, and more importantly, effort on poorly-performing elements within a page.

When the test has been completed, you’ll get the end results presented to you in an eye-pleasing percentage form. This lets you decide on with page version is best and ultimately push the best page.

See Key Performance Metrics.

Track conversions, discover your top affiliate, and discover the health of your email campaigns, just to name a few.

Create your very own Affiliate Program.

From the ClickFunnels team: “Backpack Is the easiest way to create your affiliate program And scale Your Business. (Without Scaling Your Workload Or Advertising Dollars!) If you have been curious about how you can generate more revenue for your product or services without spending a great deal of money marketing Backpack can help solve that problem. In the video below, we give you an overview of why you need to backpack affiliate system to help generate more sales” Read the full ClickFunnels Affiliate Program review here.

The ClickFunnels Backpack will let you to:

  • Add different types of affiliates
  • Add two-tier commission programs
  • Add affiliate pages
  • Create a commission plan
  • Customise the commission plan

Here’s a snippet about how some of the programs work:

You Promoting ClickFunnels
ClickFunnels has a very generous affiliate program. Ads a matter of fact, it is one of the top affiliate programs in the business. ClickFunnels will pay you a massive 40% in recurring affiliate commission for the subscription life of your customer. In contrast to this, Leadpages pays 30% in commission for their affiliate program.
If you are a fan of the ClickFunnels affiliate program, just pass on the information to people you know. You’ll end up getting your own affiliate ID and link to share, and you’ll earn commission from anyone that ends up signing up to ClickFunnels through your link. If that doesn’t sound good enough, you don’t even need to be a ClickFunnels member to be an affiliate.

Promote Your Own Products
You can also promote your own products and build your own affiliate programs. Running your own affiliate program through ClickFunnels allows you to track and manage all of your affiliates.

Using your own affiliate program will help you grow your company much much faster than if you tried to do all of that marketing by yourself. It’s an easier option to spread the message if you can work with others to promote your product. 

Using ClickFunnels Backpack you can track all of your affiliates instantly, without having to ask them to install anything on their website. It’s a very painless method to implement and maintain an affiliate campaign.

Backpack is much more than just an affiliate tracking and management tool. You can also use this Backpack to give your interested affiliates anything that they need to successfully promote your products, including ads, promotional materials, email scripts, and much much more. Use your Backpack affiliates to boost the sales for your business.
Backpack is available when you upgrade to ClickFunnels Platinum, This starts at $297 per month. The great news is that you can try and test out Backpack completely free during your 14 day trial. Ready to give it a go?

ClickFunnels Integrations

Here’s just a taster of the third-party applications that work with ClickFunnels. Please bear in mind that ClickFunnels is constantly updating this list:

  • Actionetics 
  • MailChimp
  • Twilio
  • Shopify
  • ActiveCampaign 
  • AWeber 
  • Constant Contact 
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • EverWebinar
  • Facebook
  • GetResponse
  • GoToWebinar 
  • HubSpot
  • Infusionsoft
  • Kajabi
  • Mad Mimi 
  • Market Hero
  • Maropost 
  • PushCrew
  • SalesForce
  • Sendlane
  • ShipStation 
  • SlyBroadcast
  • WebinarJam Studio
  • Zapier
  • ZenDirect 
  • Zoom

Here is a List of Payment Gateway Integrations Supported by ClickFunnels

  • BrainTree
  • ClickBank
  • Deal Guardian
  • EasyPayDirect
  • InfusionSoft
  • JV Zoo
  • NMI
  • Ontraport
  • PayPal
  • Recurly
  • Stripe
  • Taxamo
  • Warrior Plus

ClickFunnels Pricing

Now it’s crunch time, this is likely the part that you really want to know: how much does ClickFunnels actually cost?
ClickFunnels offers a number of price points to help work within your budget. ClickFunnels definitely not for the cheap at heart. The entry plan starts at $97 per month.

Now we have gone through quite a bit above in this article but, let’s talk about what you can get for this subscription.
Firstly, you get a 14 day free trial to test out ClickFunnels to see if it’s for you and your business. If you’re the type of person that likes to try things before you go ahead and buy, you’ll appreciate this bonus. 

Following your free trial, you’ll get a 30 day money back guarantee. So, if you realise that you hate ClickFunnels on day 29, you can cancel it (with absolutely no questions asked) and request a full refund.


$ 97 00 per month
  • Share Funnels - Yes
  • Funnels x 20
  • Pages x 100
  • Sub Users x 1​
  • Payment Gateways x 3​
  • Domains x 3​
  • Follow Up Funnels - N/A​
  • Chat support - Yes
  • Weekly peer review hackathons - N/A​
  • FunnelFlix - Yes

ClickFunnels Platinum

$ 297 00 per month
  • Share Funnels - Yes
  • Funnels x 100
  • Pages x Unlimited
  • Sub Users x 3
  • Payment Gateways x 9
  • Domains x 9
  • Follow Up Funnels - Unlimited
  • Chat support - Priority Support
  • Weekly peer review hackathons - Yes
  • FunnelFlix - Yes+ hours of additional training & courses

ClickFunnels Two Comma Club

$ 2497 00 per month
  • Share Funnels - Yes
  • Funnels x Unlimited
  • Pages x Unlimited
  • Sub Users x 1​0
  • Payment Gateways x 27
  • Domains x 27
  • Follow Up Funnels - Unlimited
  • Priority support + Priority support + VIP phone support
  • Weekly peer review hackathons - Yes
  • FunnelFlix - Yes + hours of additional training & courses & so much more

Also, I should note that you are not locked into an ongoing contract with ClickFunnels. The contract you agree to is paid for on a month-to-month basis, so you can cancel it at any time of your convenience. This means that you can temporarily stop and restart your service within your own schedule and based on your own budgetary demands.
That said if you’re fully committed from the get go, you have the option to pay for your  ClickFunnels subscription a year in advance. If you decide to go on this path  you will get 2 months free. This upsell happens just after you have gone ahead and made your initial purchase, this upsell process gives you a real-time demonstration of a marketing funnel in action.

Now, since we are here in an article comparing ClickFunnels to Leadpages and we are in the pricing section, let’s address that big old elephant in the room. Yes, ClickFunnels is a little bit more expensive than LeadPages.
But we also do believe that when it comes to business and your overall success, you shouldn’t go for a “budget” option with the tools that you’re going to be using on a daily basis, what you should do instead is to get the absolute best tool for the job. However, let’s get stuck in and breakdown why exactly ClickFunnels is a bit more expensive…

One of the primary benefits to Clickfunnels over LeadPages is its customisation options. LeadPages has simple landing pages that offer very little in the way of customisation. Recently though, Leadpages did release a drag-n-drop builder of their own. It’s not yet quite on par with what ClickFunnels offers, which is stability, sturdiness and customisability, saying that though it’s a good step in the right direction for Leadpages.

Another interesting feature of Clickfunnels is that also gives you the ability to create your checkout pages and link them to your payment processor. This isn’t yet a feature of LeadPages.

Here is a List of Payment Gateway Integrations Currently Supported by ClickFunnels

  • BrainTree
  • ClickBank
  • Deal Guardian
  • EasyPayDirect
  • InfusionSoft
  • JV Zoo
  • NMI
  • Ontraport
  • PayPal
  • Recurly
  • Stripe
  • Taxamo
  • Warrior Plus

Clickfunnels also has a membership area where you can deliver and serve all of your members content to them within a very secure and protected area, people receive access to this area after they make a purchase. This again, is not a function within LeadPages…

You could in theory build an entire business using nothing but Clickfunnels. You can create all of your content pages, your sites opt-in pages, sales pages, your checkout pages, and your upsell pages, and on top of that deliver membership access ALL within Clickfunnels itself, thus eliminating the need to use any other tools.

Another benefit that’s natively built into ClickFunnels’ price? A/B testing. The ability to carry out split testing is included in the ClickFunnels base plan but this is not the case with the Leadpages base plan.
The second plan, formerly known as Etison Elite (Now called Platinum), is the full suite of services that ClickFunnels offers. It’s a large and robust package of features that you can see here as the red column:

Image Courtesy of ClickFunnels

For the Standard plan on ClickFunnels, you’re limited to 20 funnels, 100 pages, 20,000 monthly unique visitors, and 3 custom domains. For about 90% of businesses this is loads to work with and grow your business.

With the platinum package, you can have unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, an unlimited numbers of unique visitors, and unlimited custom domains. You also have complete access to Actionetics and Backpack. ClickFunnels Platinum is $297 per month. If your current website has over 20,000+ views per month, or you’d just like to have an all in one solution (including an email service provider and an affiliate program), ClickFunnels Platinum is definitely worth it. Looking at those components individually just think of how much you’d be paying for those solutions separately.

See Actionetics review

Signing up to Clickfunnels is simple. It takes 60 seconds and you’re done.
When you do sign up, you’ll get six pre-built funnels absolutely free. This way, even if you have absolutely no experience whatsoever with building funnels, you can be up and running in just a number of minutes. Simply modify the funnels slightly to suit your business you’re off to beginning to draw in new leads and grow your business.
Pre-built funnels include:

  • Lead capture funnels
  • Sales page funnels
  • Optin Funnels
  • Product Launch Funnels
  • Event funnels
  • Membership funnels

ClickFunnels Pros

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why you might choose ClickFunnels

  • 14-day free trial – With a free trial, you’re not out of any money if you try it and don’t like it. 
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Cancel anytime
  • Multi-tier affiliate program
  • Attractive templates
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Built-in email service and auto responder (for ClickFunnels Platinum)
  • Weekly Q&A support webinars
  • 6 pre-built funnels
  • Integrates with major email service providers such as (Aweber, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and more)
  • Integrates with payment providers (PayPal, Stripe, Recurly, and more)
  • It comes 13 different payment gateway integrations
  • Easily add or subtract pages from the funnel
  • Share free funnels within the ClickFunnels community

ClickFunnels Cons

While ClickFunnels is a Fantastic service, there are a number of things that you should consider before signing up.

  • It’s a tad bit more expensive than LeadPages (I’d argue that with the features it includes, that it’s well worth the cost for a business)
  • There are only two membership levels
  • Restricted to 20 funnels (with the ClickFunnels standard plan), for most users though, 20 funnels will be enough. 
  • Restricted to 20,000 visitors per month (with the ClickFunnels standard plan)
  • Restricted to 3 custom domains (with the ClickFunnels standard plan)

We find that the biggest con against ClickFunnels is likely the price, but you and your business will need to decide if the overall convenience of having an all-in-one solution outweighs the price tag. We think though, that even with these drawbacks, ClickFunnels is a great choice for the majority of users. It’s very easy to use, and will make a huge effort in helping you to convert leads into customers.

To help you to imagine just how you can actually save money when using ClickFunnels, here’s a quick list of some very common software services you’d need that ClickFunnels covers with their all-in-one solution:

  • Website Hosting ($100+/month with a good host)
  • Landing Page Software ($97/month)
  • Email Autoresponder Software ($500+/month)
  • Split Testing Software ($197/month)
  • Affiliate Tracking Software ($497/month)
  • Plus A Bunch More… (that’s not counting costs for designers or web developers)

With this in mind, ClickFunnels is a cost saver for you since you’d be consolidating the majority of your on-going expenses into one place, for a lower price.

ClickFunnels Support & Community

ClickFunnels does a wonderful job of supporting its users. After you sign up, you’re not just thrown overboard to the sharks to fend for yourself. You begin your ClickFunnels  journey with six pre-built funnels.

And better yet, if you need help, you’ll find heaps of resources within the Help Centre. The topics found in the help centre range from creating and  A/B testing funnels to integrating third party tools, like Aweber and Thrivecart.

If you end up getting stuck and can’t find the answer within the knowledge base, simply just click the on-site chat to send a message to the support team. You will normally be contacted back within an hour. (Get notified by email or SMS.) When I have previously used ClickFunnels chat to ask a question, I typically received a reply within 10 minutes. Alternatively you can also reach out to ClickFunnels over their Facebook account.

The support team answers questions 24 hours a day.

ClickFunnels are making constant updates to the software, with absolutely no cost to you and no action required on your part. As more and more templates are made you’ll also have access to a growing number of them in the template marketplace.

ClickFunnels invests a lot of time and effort into making a positive impression on prospective customers.

Free ClickFunnels Giveaways

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is primarily a landing page building tool for marketers used by over 50,000 people. Being a very user-friendly tool anyone can use it to build landing pages from scratch with little or no design experience. Leadpages has a drag-and-drop page builder with templates that make it very easy to create a beautiful and effective landing page. 

Since it’s creation in 2012, the Minnesota-based company has come a long way and has managed to translate over $42 million worth of capital into more than 48,000 users. This has seen LeadPages generate more than 40 million leads over the years, and these numbers are still on an upward trend..

To build a landing page all you need to do is select a pre-made template, add some widgets, and customise it according to your needs and your brands requirements. 

Leadpages is more than just a landing page solution though. For example, with Leadpages’ Leadboxes, you get the ability to create pop-up opt-in forms that can be placed on any page within your website. You can also acquire leads via email with Leadlinks. The LeadDigits feature allows you to acquire subscribers / contacts via text message.

How Does Leadpages Work?

Similar to ClickFunnels, you really don’t need to know any HTML to create Highly-Converting landing pages.

Leadpages has a very easy to use drag-and-drop page editor. That said, we feel that the biggest benefit of LeadPages is their built-in, pre-built templates. And LeadPages is definitely not shy about the range of available templates, since it currently provides more than 500 different ones.


We are not just talking about a variety of colours and themes here either. LeadPages has also extended its template offerings to fit pretty much all the possible lead generation scenarios that you can think of. In the templates gallery you can find templates for Launch pages, Upsell pages, Thank You pages, Checkout pages, 404 pages, and Webinar pages.

But the templates do not stop just there either. There are additional templates for specialised pages like About Me pages, Facebook landing pages,  Contest pages, and Podcasts. 

One of the best things about this gallery is the fact that all of the templates available have been professionally designed with beautiful themes. And the best part is… that you get to use some of these templates for free. The remaining templates on the marketplace will cost you anywhere between $6 and $40 in the marketplace. This isn’t all bad news though, if you have after time developed your own templates and would like to sell these assets, you too can do so in the marketplace for some on the side profit!

Getting Started With Leadpages

 Now let’s give you a little preview of how easy it is to use Leadpages to see if you are up for the task of creating a landing pageall you need to do is, load up LeadPages and click on “Create New Leadpage

From there all you need to do is to navigate to the Landing Pages Tab within the templates, you have the option then to choose Drag & Drop or Standard. Now simply pick a template and start editing it!

Each of the templates contains pre-built sections. This makes it really easy to rearrange, modify, add, or delete to your liking. All you really need to do is change the text and a few images on the pre-made pages and you’re pretty much good to go.

All of the content within your new landing page is contained in “widgets.” Each section of content has its own widget. That basically means your:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Call to action
  • Images

All of these are held in predetermined areas. To edit any of them, you simply just click on that widget.

If you’re using a Drag & Drop style template, you can simply click on the the widgets tab on the left of your screen, and drag and drop elements onto your page for editing. Including:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Text
  • Countdown
  • Progress bar

It goes beyond this too! Leadpages gives you absolute control over the look and feel of your page.

Aside from adding widgets, you can edit the actual dimensions and structure of your page too.

Editing Page Layout

While editing the page layout You can add or remove various sections, rename them, or do anything else you want with them. It’s your landing page to manipulate, after all. After this part has been done, you can get in even deeper and customise everything from colours to font sizes using the Page Styles tab.

Customising page style

The icon that you see with the paintbrush just below the Page Layout is Page Styles. This is where you can edit the following:

  • Font
  • Background
  • Width
  • Custom CSS
  • Favicon

Now this is very easy going taking into consideration that you just made a totally functional landing page from scratch by just by clicking a few buttons.

Now, it’s time to publish your page.

Publishing your page

Now after you have made all of your edits from the steps above and you feel happy with what you see, it’s time to take the final step and publish your page. 

Firstly though, we would strongly advise that you preview the page thoroughly before publishing it to live, you wouldn’t after all want to let a simple thing like a typo ruin and undermine all of your hard work would you? 

Leadpages Features

Leadpages Templates

As mentioned previously one of the great features about Leadpages is the selection of templates that it allows you to choose from right at the beginning. Using one of these pre-built templates will save you heaps of time and effort in creating your own from scratch.

Would you like to have a sneak peek of the types of templates that are available right now?

Leadpages Drag-and-Drop Editor

The Leadpages drag-and-drop editor, offers a lot of flexibility which makes it very user-friendly and easy for a beginner to pick up very quickly. Here’s just a taste of what you can do with the drag-and-drop editor:

  • Anything you can do in the standard editor
  • Add a widget (such as a progress bar, icon, headline, text, comment, countdown, image, video, space, form, line, HTML element, or calendar)
  • Easily Drag and Drop Widgets
  • Browse through the icon library and include icon on your page
  • Access Google fonts
  • Include alt text for images
  • Set a cover overlay for a background image
  • Create new sections
  • Duplicate existing sections

Leadpages Standard Editor

If you’re looking to use a template as your starting point (which most people do) and modify it it considerably, you probably won’t be able to do that with the standard editor.  Instead choose the Drag and Drop editor. The standard editor can also make it difficult to match your companies branding with the landing page tools at hand. That is obviously, a significant limitation. Here’s what you can currently do with the Leadpages standard editor:

  • Change text font and verbiage
  • Change element colours
  • Change out image
  • Embed video
  • Alter the background image
  • Include a hyperlink
In almost all cases we recommend that people use the drag and drop editor.

Webinar Landing Pages

One of the neat types of landing pages that you can use in Leadpages is its webinar landing pages. There are many different templates designed for webinars throughout the gallery for you to choose from. You will see from looking at the gallery that many of these templates also have the countdown timer which has been automatically placed on the top of the landing page that indicates when the webinar goes live.

This feature will subconsciously encourage more people to sign up up to your webinar quickly. Also, if you would like to, you can set a timer which redirects the user to a different page once the webinar starts or at another time. This is a handy feature that prevents people from signing up for the webinar after it goes live.

Even if the landing page that you choose doesn’t have a prebuilt timer, you can easily just go ahead and add one using their drag and drop builder.

Leadpages WordPress Plugin

Leadpages has a plugin for the worlds most popular CMS (Content Management System) WordPress. This plugin makes it very easy to integrate Leadpages into WordPress, with just a few mouse clicks you can have a new landing page ready to go in under a minutes time! 

Leadpages Pop-Ups (Leadboxes)

Now, you’ve likely been using the internet for some time now and unbeknownst to you, you’ve also most likely encountered a Leadpages pop-up (Leadbox). They’re ubiquitous.

Leadpages Leadboxes are crisp, professional-looking pop-ups that help you capture more leads at just the right moment in time.

Leadpages gives you the power to create a high-converting Leadbox in just a matter of minutes and comes with automatic settings to pop up at the height of your visitor’s interest.

That’s right it’s pretty clever, as soon as your site’s visitor is engaged in your landing page, you can forcibly and intentionally invade their eyesight with an offer they can’t refuse.

You can set your pop-up to appear:

  • When a user clicks a button or link
  • On a timer
  • As they’re about to exit in a last-ditch effort to keep their attention
  • Leadpages lets you design your Leadboxes in a few minutes with a simple drag-n-drop editor.

Leadpages Alert Bars

You can also create sticky alert bars with Leadpages.These are the sticky bars that appear at the top of your website. They can either contain an optin form or a button with a link to a landing page.

Leadpages Leadlinks – Sign up in 1 click

Leadpages Leadlinks (email trigger links) is a nifty feature that lets your prospective leads sign up for promotions (for example, a webinar) with 1 easy click.

Let’s say that you are running a webinar called “How to make a passive income from home”

What you would traditionally do is send a broadcast email to your entire email list with a signup button link that transports the reader to a landing page for that specific webinar.

If that prospect wanted to learn more, they’d have to click on that link and enter more personal information to sign up for your webinar.

Well with Leadlinks that’s not a thing anymore…

using Leadlinks, you—or an affiliate working with you—simply insert the link into the email, and when the prospect clicks it, they are instantaneously signed up. With no extra info needed.

All they need to do is click on that link and boom! they are auto-registered.

Leadpages Leaddigits

Leaddigits lets you do something that’s similar to Leadlinks but with SMS text messages. You can let your customers opt-in via their mobile phones and then automatically add them to a specific email list or webinar:

This is probably Leadpages most niche feature – but if it works well with your audience, the functionality itself is pretty neat to have.

Leadpages A/B Testing (Split Testing)

It’s not enough to simply just slap a landing page up and hope for the best. This will quite often not suffice, the best approach is to  know what truly works is to test, test, test and Leadpages make it easy to A/B test right from the comfort of your dashboard.

From the dashboard, you get to set the control page, make a copy of your work, and implement your tweaks (for example, changing the layout of the CTA). If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can direct traffic. No, seriously, Leadpages lets you control by percentage just how much traffic goes to each variation, but this is a bit advanced for some users.

Free Custom Domain (and hosting)

Leadpages gives you the option to use a custom domain that is hosted within Leadpages itself, Once you are finished designing your landing page, all you need to do is click the Publish button to make it live on a Leadpages subdomain. We find though, that leaving your landing page on a subdomain isn’t the most professional look, so you’ll probably want to actually integrate the landing page into your site in order to use your own domain name. We find that this works best for most people.

Accept payments with checkout forms

Leadpages also has checkout forms. You can very easily connect your Stripe account to Leadpages and accept payments from your customers directly on your landing pages. There’s no need to invest in or build another check out forms tool. 

Leadpages Customer Service - Support and Community

Unlike a lot of companies nowadays, Leadpages actually has real human beings behind those avatars you see and not just some clunky chatbot that’s only programmed to answer the top 10 FAQs (that can be sooo frustrating!) 

So there is that element, and they’ve also got a huge library of resources or “knowledge base” of articles available to help solve any issues that you encounter.

From dealing with Leadpages previously I’ve had nothing but good pleasant experiences with their customer service. 

Leadpages Integrations

  • Website platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • Webinar tools like EverWebinar/Webinar Jam, and GoToWebinar.
  • Social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.
  • Scheduling tools like Timetrade, Calendly, and Acuity.
  • Payment processing platforms like Paypal and Stripe.
  • Digital advertising tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.
  • Email marketing tools like SendReach, MailChimp, Madmimi, iContact, GetResponse, Emma, Drip, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, AWeber, and Active Campaign.
  • Ecommerce tools like Shopify, Interspire, and 1Shopping Cart.
  • CRM platforms like Salesforce and InfusionSoft.
  • Automation tools like Ontrapot, Marketo, and Hubspot
  • Analytics tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

Leadpages Pricing

Leadpages Standard

$ 28 00 per month - billed annually
  • Site Builder - 1 Site
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited lead boxes
  • Facebook community access
  • WordPress plugins
  • 50+ tools for software platforms
  • Email support
  • Mobile responsive landing pages
  • Custom Facebook tabs
  • 180+ drag-and-drop templates

Leadpages Pro

$ 59 00 per month - billed annually
  • Site Builder - 3 Sites
  • Standard Plan Features
  • Split A/B testing
  • Single Click Signup Links
  • Leaddigits
  • Access to use Affiliate Program
  • Discount rates for partner companies
  • Chat pages

Leadpages Advanced

$ 241 00 per month - billed annually
  • Site Builder - Up to 50 Sites​
  • All Pro plan features
  • Advanced integrations
  • Annual conference discounts
  • Free virtual workshops
  • 5 free Leadpages sub accounts
  • Extra Leaddigits messaging campaigns
  • Phone Support

See Leadpages Pricing in much greater details…

Leadpages Pros

  • An easy to use drag and drop builder to help you build very effective landing pages
  • It has a free 14-day trial
  • Leadpages is cheaper than Clickfunnels
  • Using the same tool you can also create popups and alert bars
  • Leadpages gives you free hosting. This will help you to quickly create and display your site’s landing pages.
  • Traffic analysis and social media monitoring.
  • Leadpages template marketplace has a huge variety of ready to go landing and sales pages and pop up boxes.
  • Leadpages analytics are a great resource.
  • With Leadpages you have the ability to clone a landing page or lead box to modify and use for a different opt-in.
  • Leadpages makes it easy to integrate landing pages with different domains.
  • Superb customer support

Leadpages Cons

While Leadpages has many pros, it also has a few cons to consider, here they are:

  • We find that the builder can be a bit rigid at times, It is an easy to use drag and drop builder that can be highly customised, but also it can sometimes be hard to move the widgets around and place them exactly where you want.
  • Making the Leadpages and Leadboxes more customisable would be a great addition.
  • Leadpages code editor can add a bit of unnecessary wrapper code bloat into the pages. While it’s not something that you’ll notice as an end-user, it can have an impact on SEO
  • No inbuilt image editor.
  • Adding custom fonts can be a tedious process

Leadpages Final Thoughts

Now, to wrap up this Leadpages review.

If you want a super-easy way to create gorgeous landing pages across multiple sites, on top of advanced features like Leadboxes, tons of integrations, and A/B testing, Leadpages is the tool for you.

In terms of functionality, we think Leadpages is a great tool with many features. Every blogger and writer should put a lot of effort into building an email list, and Leadpages is the ideal tool for growing that list.

Leadpages is a fully hosted solution with a built-in website builder + landing page builder.

Leadpages is a great cost-effective landing page and conversion tool that has many of the tools needed to generate leads and grow your business. It also offers a 14-day free trial, for you to test and evaluate, give it a go and see if it works for you.

ClickFunnels vs Leadpages Final Verdict

Who should use ClickFunnels?

If you or your business are directly marketing and wants better conversion rates and sales tools, if you want to create courses or membership sites, if you plan on running webinars, want to replace your existing email marketing software or bring affiliates onboard to help sell your product, or basically sell anything online, Clickfunnels is the right tool for you. 

Even if you’re a blogger and want to use superior tools to sell PDFs or convert your visitors into a webinar funnel, well do yourself a favour and get Clickfunnels.

Who should use Leadpages?

If you’re just starting out and are on a budget or your business doesn’t plan on requiring any serious sales funnels, selling membership sites or courses, and you just need a landing page builder for opt-ins, etc. go ahead and choose LeadPages. It’s a fantastic product and you can get started for less. Do bear in mind though that an entry-level account at LeadPages has a few constraints.

So Who Wins?

So who wins? Clickfunnels or LeadPages? It’s a tough call overall and really it does come down to each individual’s needs and budget, that said, for us it’s a clear choice with Clickfunnels standing out as the clear winner between these two landing page builders.

Our reasoning is simple: Clickfunnels greatly simplifies making sales funnels of all kinds easy and FAST. Sales funnels really have revolutionised everything in the last few years and Clickfunnels is at the forefront of innovation in that revolution.

Clickfunnels also offers more than Leadpages when it comes to features, integrations, and pricing if you’re a power user. Leadpages still definitely wins the pricing war if you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Leadpages is a fantastic tool but is more focused on creating stand-alone landing pages and sales pages. Sure, you can stick them all together, but why bother when you can focus on the overall funnel instead of individual pages?

Both Clickfunnels and Leadpages are superb tools for internet marketing. While Leadpages has been around for a while, Clickfunnels is still relatively new and offers more advanced features.

For your choice on which platform to use, focus on your businesses needs. You will also need to decide how much you are willing to spend each month.

Still unsure?, Try before you buy! you can take the 14-day free trials for both ClickFunnels and LeadPages. Look around and have a feel before putting your money into it.

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