Actionetics Review: Is It a Useful Email Service?

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There are a lot of tools and software on the internet that can provide email services anytime and anywhere you are. However, they are the same in terms of quality, speed, and efficiency. For instance, there is Aweber if you want to perform your task using a streamlined and straightforward process. There is also ActiveCampaign or Drip if you are looking for powerful tools with high functionality. But Actionetics is the right option for you if you want a powerful marketing platform. You can access it using ClickFunnels which will not require additional payment for you to be able to see its email service. 

Actionetics is a viable option if you want to modify your current sales funnels and email sequences that can lead to a high conversion rate. The most common question asked by every potential buyer is if it is worth the buck. Is availing of its most expensive subscription plan the right decision? To help you answer these pressing questions, you must keep on reading. 

Let’s get to know Actionetics first!

You can find Actionetics, an email marketing automation platform when you access ClickFunnels. You can’t find it if you are using a standard monthly package amounting to $97 only. It would only be possible for you to enjoy its services if you upgrade your standard plan into an Etison Suite plan which costs $297. It was only added by the developers in 2015 together with Backpack. Just like any other email service, it is capable of storing information like contacts. In addition to this, it can also create an email list in an instant. It has the power to send automated emails to all your desired recipients no matter how many there are. Lastly, it can provide you with a lead score allowing you to measure the performance of your business. Read more about the Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

The downside of using Actionetics is that it will not function if you don’t have ClickFunnels. It can’t serve its purpose if you opt to access it using other lead generation software such as Thrive Leads and OptinMonster. To add to that, it would be impossible for you to create forms that you will feature on your WordPress site. The main point is that you can only build sales funnels using Actionetics if you have ClickFunnels. Lastly, it is a must that you use a separate SMTP for you to be able to successfully deliver emails. 

Outstanding features of Actionetics to look out for!

Allows automatic email segmentation

Actinionetics functions just like any other tools and software when it comes to creating email lists. But the difference is that it can create them using smart lists which you just have to turn on when you wish to use it. You are probably wondering what the smart lists are, especially if it is your first time hearing them. Using it, you will have the power to automatically add or remove some information listed on your email list by just listing down your set of rules. There is a wide range of rules to choose from and each of them is highly functional. You may opt to match and mix several rules to arrive at your desired results. 

You may take advantage of the contact rules if you want to match a contact based on score, tags, email, and name. Another option is the funnel rules which will let you determine the contacts who visit one of the steps in your sales funnels. If you want to know the contacts who purchased a specific product, feel free to use the product rules. Lastly, we have the email step rules which can match a contact who reads a specific email listed in your funnel. With all of these rules, you can segment your email in just a couple of seconds.

Enjoy listing contacts without limit

The majority of email services offer subscription plans at varying prices. The more expensive the plan that you will avail, the higher the contacts that you can list down. Consider ActiveCampaign for example, you will have to subscribe to its $399 dollar plan if you want to list down up to 25 000 contacts. In the case of Ontraport, you will have to pay $287 to have the capability of listing down up to 10 000 contacts. Having said this, you will incur a huge amount of expenses if you will list down contacts without limit. But it will not happen if you are using the right tool such as Actionetics. It will let you enjoy listing contacts as much as you want. You will not face any limitations and restrictions which is a great thing to be more efficient. As a result, you will be able to do email marketing as much as you want without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars in addition to the monthly subscription fee.

Features different actions to perform

Actionetics features different actions to perform allowing you to create email automation the way you envision them in your mind. It will let you integrate what you do with other third-party services such as Shopify, Facebook, and Twilio. For instance, you may try to open your FD custom audience and add them to your email list. By doing this, you can retarget at a later time using Facebook ads. Since the can integrate Twilio, you have the option to send messages using the latter. Lastly, you may also use the Shopify or Shipstation integration if you wish to get a product overview from your Shopify account. 

Relies on SMTP to deliver emails

What is unique about Actionetics when you compare it with other email services is that it depends on SMTP to deliver emails instead of sending them by itself. This feature is seen by many people as a disadvantage but it actually gives you more flexibility to accomplish your task. It will save you from the hassle of dealing with limited types of email marketing presented by several email services. 

Downsides of using Actionetics

Expensive if you are dealing with small lists only

If you are dealing with small lists, you will have a hard time convincing yourself that you need this platform because of its $297 monthly subscription fee. If you consult this situation with other people, they would advise you that it wouldn’t be worth it and choose cheaper alternatives instead like Active Campaign. 

No flexibility in terms of custom fields

The majority of email services will let you add custom fields but unfortunately, this feature is not available on Actionetics. As a result, you will not have enough flexibility when engaging in email marketing. You may use other software or platforms if you think that without the custom field, you will not be able to achieve your desired result.

Works only in ClickFunnels

If you are a long-time user of ClickFunnels, then you would find it attractive that Actionetics works on the said platform. However, if you stopped paying the monthly subscription fee for ClickFunnels, you will also be unable to access Actionetics anymore. As a result, you’ll need to transfer everything to another email servicing software. When you do this, you will not have any problem with exporting the contacts but you might find it hard to convert your action funnels to the new platform you are using.

The 4 items in the Actionetics’ menu

Contacts Page

The contacts page shown in the Actionetics menu is pretty simple. You will not experience any problem with browsing and navigating it because of its user-friendly interface. All your contacts will be listed in a table format together with their relevant information. On the right-most side of the page, you will see their profile pictures, if they have one. While on the left-most side of the page are their information including the date the contact was created. Once you click any name on the contact list, you will be able to see more interesting information. It will display the action score, percentages for the social, frequency, and value, as well as the number of followers and purchases. You might find it annoying that the contact list of the platform can’t easily be deleted. You will have to undergo a multi-step process that would require much of your precious time and effort. 

Email lists page

You can customize the email list page for better organization. You can use the tags to group several lists together. When you want to create a list, you only have to click the add new list button at the lower portion of the page. If you will take advantage of the smart lists, you will have more dynamic and efficient lists saving you time and effort. As a result, you can accomplish other relevant tasks. 

Broadcast page

The broadcasts page is a useful feature because it can send one-off emails to your target market. It is necessary to use if you want to easily get rid of irrelevant announcements that can lower your conversion rate. For you to create one, you may use the new email broadcast button and several boxes would appear. One box would require you to specify the subject line while another box would ask for you to type the form fields of your email. Lastly, you have the freedom to choose from the email lists. 

What is nice about this feature is that it will let you send emails to contacts who are active in the past few days. You may type how many days you prefer. Additionally, you will have to decide on the specific time and date that you want the email to reach your desired contacts.

However, the downside of using the platform is that you are limited to the 12 available email templates. You can’t customize them according to your needs and preferences. You will be unable to send pure text emails when using Actionetics. Once you have decided on the template that you will use, you have to click the use this template button to proceed. The platform will show you a preview of the template to ensure that it matches your expectations. If you like how it looks, you may start editing it by clicking the open email editor. The process of creating your emails through the platform is extremely easy and simple.

Click the Save and send a test email to ensure that it has the look that you are aiming to have. If everything is okay, you may send it immediately to your desired email lists.

Action funnels page

One of the greatest features of Actionetics is the action funnels page. You just have to click the new action funnel button if you want to create one. A pop-up box will suddenly appear on your screen requiring you to type the name and group tag. After providing this information, you have to choose the list and SMTP configuration. If you wish to add another action funnel, you will have to click the add new step button. The next step will include the need to type your step name and choose when you want to trigger the action. Finally, you have to choose between the send email or the do action button. 

What makes Actionetics superior is its power to add rule groups. You can’t enjoy this feature if you use other email servicing platforms. It has smart lists that will enable email segmentation in an instant, saving you time and effort. If you choose the Do an Action button, you will have to choose from several actions. The list may depend on the integrated application. 

How much would you spend on the Actionetics?

As mentioned earlier, you will have to pay $297 per month to use the Actionetics. It is the most expensive subscription plan that the platform offers. It is hard to compare it with other platforms because it is not an independent service provider. When sending emails, you have to utilize a 3rd party SMTP because you can’t rely solely on Actionetics. You may visit SendGrid if you are curious about the many SMTP services available today. If you pay an amount of $997, you will be able to enjoy the services of Actionetics for 6 months straight. If you try to compute it, you are just paying $167 per month as compared to $297 which is pretty expensive. 

Which is better activities or ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular visual automation builders today. The reason behind this is its awesome features that will give you enough flexibility and power when engaging in email marketing. Since Actionetics does not offer custom fields, you will be unable to build eye-catching automation at par with what CF Followup Pro offers. In terms of price, ActiveCampaign is much more affordable but it does not mean that it is the more viable option.

If you want to save yourself from switching from one software to another whenever you perform email marketing activities, then Actionetics is for you. It is integrated with ClickFunnels so everything you might need to perform is in one platform. The process of using the ClickFunnels is the same as when using the Actionetics. It means that you don’t have to get to know two different processes just to perform your tasks. 

Actionetics In a Nutshell

If you already entered the world of ClickFunnels, then it is a great decision to try accessing the Actionetics it offers for your email marketing. You don’t have to have extreme technical skills to be able to use it because it’s a pretty easy process. It also offers useful features allowing you to perform your tasks in a seamless manner. 

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