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This guide will give answers to the questions about LeadPages pricing, its different plans and offerings, which one you should go with, and a lot more. We’ll go through each plan in detail so you can decide which one is best for you. Let’s get started!

What is Leadpages?

Pricing & Packages for LeadPages

So basically, LeadPages offers three pricing options. Let’s see how each of them differ from each other.
  1. Standard, costs $37.00/month
  2. Pro, costs $79.00/month
  3. Advanced, costs $321.00/month
The cheapest LeadPages account costs $37.00 per month and includes 1 site builder, 40+ standard integrations, and email tech support. The most expensive subscription, which includes up to 50 sites, complex integrations, and priority tech support over the phone, costs $321,00 per month. The amount of sites, tech support, and limited access to extra monthly features are the key differences between the pricing levels. Please review the Leadpages pricing table below:

LeadPages Pricing Table



What You Get


Monthly payment of $37.00

  • a single website
  • traffic and leads are limitless.
  • templates that are mobile-friendly
  • lead notification through email from tech support
  • 40+ typical integrations
  • pop-ups on landing pages
  • bars of warning
  • Pro hosting for free Monthly rent is $79.00.
  • 3 different locations
  • Landing pages are a type of web page that is used
  • Alert bars Pop-ups
  • Traffic and leads are limitless.
  • Hosting is provided for free.


Monthly payment of $79.00

  • 3 websites
  • Landing pages
  • Pop-ups
  • Warning bars
  • Traffics and leads are limitless
  • Hosting is provided  for free
  • Templates or mobile-friendly websites
  • Notifications of new leads
  • Chat and email support are available for technical issues.
  • There are around 40 standard integrations available.
  • Payment and sales via the internet
  • A/B split testing is available indefinitely.
  • Trigger links in emails
  • ten text-based opt-in campaigns


Monthly payment of $321.00

  • Up to 50 locations are possible.
  • Landing pages are a type of web page that is used
  • Pop-ups
  • Bars of warning
  • Traffic and leads are limitless.
  • Hosting is provided for free.
  • Templates for mobile-friendly websites
  • Notifications of new leads
  • Priority tech support on the phone
  • There are around 40 standard integrations available.
  • Integrations with advanced features
  • Payment and sales via the internet
  • A/B split testing is available indefinitely.
  • Trigger links in emails
  • ten text-based opt-in campaigns
  • a one-on-one conversation


For $37.00 per month, you may get the LeadPages Standard Plan.

The LeadPages Standard subscription costs $37.00 per month (or $27.00 if paid annually) and includes 1 site, unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars, unlimited traffic and leads, free hosting, lead alerts, and 40+ integrations. Only an annual purchase qualifies you for the free custom domain feature. 

As you may be aware, this plan restricts your access to all LeadPages features. It’s perfect for small enterprises who need landing page builders and a website builder for their websites.

For $79.00 each month, you can get the LeadPages Pro Plan.

The LeadPages Pro plan costs $79.00 per month (or $59.00 per year) and includes three sites, unlimited A/B tests, online payment acceptance, email triggers links, ten opt-in text campaigns, and everything else included in the Standard plan. It gives you access to all of the tools you’ll need to improve your website’s sales, testing, and optimization. 

A free custom domain is only available with annual billing once again. This package is designed for medium-sized enterprises searching for powerful website builders with a lot of features.

For $321.00 per month, you can get the LeadPages Advanced Plan.

The Advanced plan is $321.00 a month (or $239.00 if paid annually) and includes up to 50 sites, 5 Pro sub-accounts, 50 additional opt-in text campaigns, advanced integrations, a 1-on-1 quick start call, and everything else included in the Pro plan.

This package gives you access to sophisticated tools that will help you better serve your clients. This plan is designed for large organizations and website owners who want to take use of advanced capabilities in their everyday online operations.

Does LeadPages offers free service?

Unfortunately, LeadPages is not free, and there are no free options available. However, the platform offers a 14-day free trial period. Following the expiration of this period, your paid subscription will be charged according to the plan and billing cycle you selected upon sign-up. You will not be charged a thing if you cancel or opt-out before the free trial time expires. This implies that during the 14-day free trial period, no LeadPages charges will be charged. For subscribers who opt to be invoiced annually, LeadPages is presently offering three months free.

LeadPages Pricing Choices

Monthly and annual subscription durations are the two main pricing choices available with LeadPages. The total cost will be determined by the plan you select and the subscription duration you select. The monthly plan allows you to pay smaller monthly payments, but the overall cost is significantly greater. Meanwhile, picking an annual plan will require you to pay a substantial sum up front, but the monthly cost will be much reduced. With annual plans, you can save up to 39%.

Monthly Plans vs. Annual Plans

Monthly LeadPages Plans

  • $37.00 per month is the standard rate.
  • $79.00 per month for Pro
  • $321.00 per month (advanced)

Annual LeadPages Plans

  • $27.00 per month (or $324.00 per year) is the standard rate.
  • $59.00 per month (or $708.00 per year) for Pro
  • $239.00 per month (or $2,868.00 per year) Advanced

Which is The Best Pricing Option For LeadPages?

If you’re only trying out the product or aren’t sure how long you’ll need it, the monthly payment plan is a good option. This strategy is also appropriate for individuals who need more working capital but don’t want to freeze big sums of money. See the detailed review of Leadpages

If you expect to use this product for a longer length of time and paying a bigger sum right away isn’t a problem for you, a yearly payment plan is a preferable option. An annual payment plan will also help you save money by lowering the total cost of the instrument.

Which Pricing Plan Is Best For You?

Who should opt for the Standard LeadPages Plan

Consider adopting the Standard plan if you run a small business or a startup agency and want to save big monthly costs. The Standard plan is simpler, and you may use the drag-and-drop functionality to edit your web pages, sales pages, and other templates to build beautiful pages that match your content and brand.

Who Should Opt for the Pro LeadPages Plan?

Choose the Pro package if you wish to use LeadPages as a marketing tool. This package includes email trigger links and opt-in text campaigns, which are two key marketing capabilities that aren’t available in the Standard plan. If you want to collect payments directly on your landing page and need text support for SMS text marketing, the Pro Plan is a wonderful option.

If you offer online lectures, webinars, or membership sites and want to make it easy for your customers to pay, this is a fantastic example. You can also design landing page variations, do A/B split testing on multiple copies, collect email addresses to expand your email list, and produce more sales with the infinite landing page templates included in the Pro plan.

Who Should Take Advantage of the Advanced LeadPages Plan?

Large enterprises will benefit from the Advanced pricing package. If you have a huge client base and want to construct landing pages with advanced functionality, this is the tool for you. One-on-one calls with clients are also included in this package.

The limitless A/B split testing and text campaigns will also help you test your landing pages and develop your email list faster, converting more leads into customers. Furthermore, as a major corporation, priority tech and customer assistance will save you time in resolving any technological issues that arise.

Pricing for the LeadPages Free Trial

All new members who join LeadPages receive a 14-day free trial, regardless of the package they choose. During the LeadPages free trial, you’ll get access to all of the platform’s most critical features to evaluate if it’s right for your business. If you decide later that you no longer wish to be a member for whatever reason, you will be able to terminate your account without incurring any fines or fees.

How to Get a Free Trial of LeadPages

To begin your 14-day free trial on LeadPages, simply complete the steps below: Step 1: Click this link to go to LeadPages’ official website. Step 2: Decide which pricing plan you’d like to try out. Step 3: Fill down the relevant information (including credit card information) and select a password. It’s worth noting that you can sign up using your Google account. Step 4: Sit back and wait for your data to be processed. Congratulations! The LeadPages Platform is now available to you. You may immediately begin building your business with the LeadPages conversion kit.

What Does LeadPages Cost After the Free Trial?

You become a paid subscriber after finishing the free trial, depending on the plan you choose when registering for the trial. For example, if you choose the Standard plan, you will spend $37.00 per month. You’ll pay $79.00 per month for the Pro plan, or $59.00 per month if you pay annually.

Finally, the Advanced plan costs $321.00 per month or $239.00 per month if paid annually. You will not be charged until the 14-day free trial period has expired. When you sign up for the free trial, we take your credit card information to prevent fraud and to avoid any delays in your subscription if you decide to keep using LeadPages after the 14-day trial is over.

Is It Worth It to Pay for LeadPages?

Yes. LeadPages is well worth the investment. This is dependent on the features you desire and how you intend to utilize it. The monthly cost of LeadPages varies between $37.00 and $321.00. This software is significantly less expensive than LeadPages rivals such as Instapage and ClickFunnels. 

It has tools that will help you increase sales, create landing pages, gather more leads, and expand your email list. The platform is also extremely user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop interface and other fantastic features that increase conversion rates.

In conclusion:

There are three major price options for LeadPages:

  • Standard – $37.00 per month (or $27.00 if paid annually)
  • Pro – $79.00 per month (or $59.00 if invoiced annually)
  • Advanced – $321.00 per month (or $239.00 per month if paid yearly)

Leadpages Standard

$ 28 00 per month - billed annually
  • Site Builder - 1 Site
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited lead boxes
  • Facebook community access
  • WordPress plugins
  • 50+ tools for software platforms
  • Email support
  • Mobile responsive landing pages
  • Custom Facebook tabs
  • 180+ drag-and-drop templates

Leadpages Pro

$ 59 00 per month - billed annually
  • Site Builder - 3 Sites
  • Standard Plan Features
  • Split A/B testing
  • Single Click Signup Links
  • Leaddigits
  • Access to use Affiliate Program
  • Discount rates for partner companies
  • Chat pages

Leadpages Advanced

$ 241 00 per month - billed annually
  • Site Builder - Up to 50 Sites
  • All Pro plan features
  • Advanced integrations
  • Annual conference discounts
  • Free virtual workshops
  • 5 free Leadpages sub accounts
  • Extra Leaddigits messaging campaigns
  • Phone Support

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