Who is Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a Co-founder of ClickFunnels and New York Times Bestselling author. He has spent the past nineteen years building his business empire. In that period, he is grown a following of over one million entrepreneurs and sold more than 450K books in the US alone – earning him the NY Times bestselling author with record speed.

Russell Brunson popularized the concept of the sales funnel as we know them now which has helped tens of thousands to boost their business instantly using the software company.

Who is Russell Brunson?

In simple terms, you can define him as an author, digital marketer, speaker, entrepreneur, husband, and father. Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, a sales funnel SaaS firm that started in 2014.

ClickFunnels has been known as one of the quickest growing private firms in the US by Forbes Magazine, with over 100K, including big corporations. The virtual marketer guru has a following of over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs who have bought copies of his books which have sold globally.

Russell Brunson is now one of the US’s bestselling authors with thousands of copies sold globally. He has been working in the online digital marketing sector for several years. During those times, he has been able to learn many things about the industry.

On top of that, he has been capable to act as a mentor and give his help to a huge number of internet marketers and entrepreneurs. You’ll be able to find a large number of online entrepreneurs and marketers, that can attribute their success to the assistance offered by Russell Brunson.

He was born in the year 1980 in Provo located in Utah his hometown. While growing up, Russell Brunson rapidly developed his interest in doing business. This is where he started to develop his digital marketing skills.

During his younger years, Russell was dealing with TV, email, and radio ads. He wanted to learn something from every single opportunity that he came across. Apart from  marketing, Russell has an interest in wrestling. It would eventually became one of his favourite hobbies.

As of now, he has been able to start many successful businesses. On the other side, he has published some of the most effective sales methods, which entrepreneurs and online marketers can use to achieve success.

He is a giant in the internet marketing industry. He has also published many successful books that are related to digital marketing.

Salary and Net worth of Russell Brunson

As of Jan 2021, the value of Russell Brunson stands at 40 million dollars. He has made his wealth as an author, entrepreneur and speaker, and consultant. Russell Brunson owns a fleet of vehicles and lavish homes, and this has almost guaranteed him and his family a comfortable life.

The worth of his wealth might rise much further in the future because he is still extremely active in his career. Russell Brunson has helped several companies and entrepreneurs, and in return, he has earned millions of dollars.

Russell Brunson has an excellent passion for the youth and he tried his best to assist them to make something out of themselves and their aspirations.

Once you are able to identify successful people, you must determine how they achieved the result and make sure to copy them during your journey. It pays for you to know what are the marketing and sales processes of your competitors. By doing this, you will gain valuable information about how the industry works and how customers respond. You can start your online store by using the same strategies they applied. As you observed, funnel hacking can be done by anyone, even those without much technical skills and knowledge. 

You might be curious about the funnel hacking used by people selling training courses online. The majority of them became successful by incorporating several marketing and sales processes. For instance, they run Facebook ads to encourage people to visit the landing page. Another way is that they create an email list and send them the products or services together with an explanation of their benefits. 

If you offer consulting services, your goal includes encouraging people to avail themselves through phone calls conducted by your sales team. You must check different companies in the same niche and examine their strategies. The majority of them generate leads through the use of Google ads. It is a strategy wherein your website skips organic search results and sits at the top of the search engine results page, when someone clicks on your ad, they will be redirected to a landing page with your service offerings. 

When this happens, there is a high chance that they will pick up the phone and give you a call.

Russell Brunson

Russell Bruson's Awards and Achievements

In 2018, he won Silver Stevie Award for the Entrepreneur of the year.  Russell Brunson also won another award for 2020, known as the EY Entrepreneur of the year. One more huge achievement in this career is the number of people he has assisted. Millions of people are said to have benefitted from the influence of Russell Brunson, garnered from his books, webinars and software solutions.

Products Offered by Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson Books

In addition, to his progress and fame in marketing and sales, Russell is an established author. Russell Brunson has published 4 books mainly focused on how to market your internet business more efficiently via digital media channels.

DotCom Secrets

This updated edition of the DotCom Secrets uncovers entirely Russel’s secrets to generating leads and selling products online using funnels. His DotCom Secrets book is covers in detail the processes that Russell Brunson has been using to convert cold leads into paying customers.

His book provides an enticing 1st interaction with potential customers alongside up-sell opportunities for his other books and the online marketing courses and entrepreneurship offered by ClickFunnels. DotCom Secrets is a must read for those of you that are marketing and growing an online company for the first time.

This book has sold over 200K copies since it was released. Turn your funnel into a revenue-generating machine with the knowledge of these frameworks, processes, and scripts that’ll assist you grown your company. But first, you have to understand and identify your dream client.

Expert Secrets

In this updated book edition, he teaches you step-by-step strategies to create a message that’ll attract potential clients looking for long-life investments in their businesses. This book is all about how to transform your business into a movement by using a storyline.

Expert Secrets is one of the most comprehensive books that I’ve read on developing a solid personal brand. The book covers how to become a professional influencer, appeal to your client’s hopes and goals rather than their pain and fear points, and emphasise the movement behind your product or service rather than its features.

The book also features how to turn your company’s story into a memorable experience for potential users by pre-selling content that’ll make them feel super confident in their purchase decision before they buy from you.

Traffic Secrets

Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets is a book that guides you towards attracting clients to your sales funnels that will purchase from you time and again. It provides insights into what it takes to get a person after making an initial purchase from you to become a return customer. 

With this important knowledge on hand, even if sales do not come easy at first, certainly, those leads are going to pay off sooner than later as long as there are a few conversion procedures in place. The book teaches readers how can use lead magnets as well as email marketing campaigns to pull in more clients while making sure their opponents do not do the same.

Russell reveals his strategies in direct marketing and highlights ways that place you at the front of new trends, how to spot good opportunities that may be invisible to almost everybody else, and master emerging tactics before anybody even knows they exist.

Network Marketing Secrets

This book is completely about building your network, from affiliates to leads who are ready to purchase from you. You will learn how to use social media channels efficiently, create an automated sales funnel, and decrease friction with a lead magnet.

You’ll also learn how to generate further interest via email campaigns all without spending time on end generating new content or trying marketing campaigns that mightn’t be as efficient anymore. Network marketing secrets is a book that’ll guide you through hidden strategies to grow your network marketing team, so you only have spoken with people who’re super interested in what you are selling.

Russell Brunson Software and Services

ClickFunnels, a company established in 2014 out of the founder he’s desire to assist people to earn money from home without investing any web development skills, has become the quickest growing tool business venture capitalists don’t back. Read the full ClickFunnels Review.

As they approached their 5th anniversary, they had over a million entrepreneurs following the 400K copies of his virtual marketing copies sold that popularizes sales funnels. The books also assisted entrepreneurs to pass the end message via teaching at conferences globally quickly.

ClickFunnels now provides programs for creating high converting leading pages that their opponents like Thrive Leads or Lead Pages do not and automated email follow-up sequence. As of 2020, he is teaching over million entrepreneurs around the globe.

Perfect Webinar Secrets

The Perfect Webinar Secrets is training that guides entrepreneurs who wish to sell more products via presentations. It provides several helpful tips and tricks that’ll let you get better outcomes from your webinars.

The course concentrates on one marketing law, using online webinars as tools for selling your service or products repeatedly with various messages coming at them from any angle.

One Funnel Away Challenge

This course is 30 days long that takes you to step by step through the procedure of building and launching your very own funnel. There’re several tips challenges can assist in achieving success.

Still, one way to begin is with the course area, where you’ll find content, videos, and bonuses from your purchase of the membership area and some instructional papers for effortless access on how to get started.

5 Day Lead Challenge

This is a free five-day course that’ll teach you how to generate an endless stream of leads for your business. The course features 2 special guest trainers – Yara Golden and Rachel Miller, besides Brunson. You will also get access to 2 new List Building software products. He is also teaching you how to turn your skills into carefully crafted sales messages

Funnel Scripts Webinar

It is a short, simple-to-follow web class by him and Jim Edwards that teaches how to get all the sales letters, webinars slides, and scripts written in under ten minutes.

Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar

This is a free webinar on how to instantly and simply create a funnel for your business. in Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar, he helps many entrepreneurs decide which strategies work great based on the sort of service or product they offer, what other entrepreneurs are doing to achieve their aims in sales with these funnel designs and much more. What is Funnel Hacking

Two Comma Club Live

The Two Comma Club Live provides a unique opportunity for those who aspire to achieve success in their internet business. It’s an elite group of people or Two Comma Clubbers that have successfully made over 100k dollars using ClickFunnels and everybody can be part of this exclusive summit and training by having one funnel bring home to bacon.

The conference concentrates on uplifting aspiring entrepreneurs with carefully tested strategies to make sure your business’s growth and success. This event is about how money was earned from various funnels and finding ways to build solid strong relationships with the entrepreneurs community via knowledge sharing between peers who’ll inspire and learn together.

30 Day Summit

It is for small business owners who want to learn from those who’ve already taken the leap of faith into sales funnels. They provide lessons from 30 well-known online entrepreneurs who teach what they’d do if they had started over $0 again.

Funnel Hacking Live

This live event is a place to experience marketing and sales ways that’ll assist you to build your business. This 4-day annual conference teaches entrepreneurs how to utilize sales funnels for their businesses.

 The Funnel Hacking Live helps entrepreneurs stay ahead in their field by offering them great content from experts who’ve tested everything themselves.

Marketing Secrets

He hosts podcasts in which he tells you about the marketing secrets that have assisted him to become one of today’s top entrepreneurs. The show is called Marketing Secrets because it provides listeners tips and tricks for achieving success as well-known millionaire Russell Brunson has done himself.

He is podcast is extremely informative and entertaining and his tale-selling ways have been used as the basis for several successful marketing campaigns.

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