What is Funnel Hacking?

Let’s define what Funnel Hacking is

Funnel Hacking is one of the practices implemented by online business owners. It is what they do when they want to make their sales funnels more effective by examining the sales funnels of their competitors. After examining, it will compare the results with their sales funnels to determine points for improvement. 

If it’s your first time encountering the term sales funnel, you are probably wondering what it means. It is a process that starts when someone visits your website, decides to click an online ad, and ends up availing of your products and services. A more formal and technical definition of sales funnel is that it is a strategic process that investigates the sales and marketing strategies of your competitors and incorporates them into your business operations. 

The term sales funnel was derived by Russel Brunson who was the CEO of ClickFunnels. Right now, he has many training courses discussing the techniques needed to generate higher sales. It is highly recommended that you try any of them if you wish to maximize your sales funnel. 

Why should you engage in Funnel Hacking?

A lot of people thought that selling products and offering services online is pretty easy to do. That is why the majority of them immediately venture into one without doing enough research. As a result, they are bound to fail in one way or another. To avoid experiencing the same fate, you have to learn from successful people in the niche before deciding to market products and services online. 

Once you are able to identify successful people, you must determine how they achieved the result and make sure to copy them during your journey. It pays for you to know what are the marketing and sales processes of your competitors. By doing this, you will gain valuable information about how the industry works and how customers respond. You can start your online store by using the same strategies they applied. As you observed, funnel hacking can be done by anyone, even those without much technical skills and knowledge. 

You might be curious about the funnel hacking used by people selling training courses online. The majority of them became successful by incorporating several marketing and sales processes. For instance, they run Facebook ads to encourage people to visit the landing page. Another way is that they create an email list and send them the products or services together with an explanation of their benefits. 

If you offer consulting services, your goal includes encouraging people to avail themselves through phone calls conducted by your sales team. You must check different companies in the same niche and examine their strategies. The majority of them generate leads through the use of Google ads. It is a strategy wherein when someone clicks it, he will be redirected to a landing page with your offerings. When they see it, there is a higher chance that they would take your phone call.

What is a screenshotting tool?

For you to gather as much information as you need, you should use a screen shooting tool. It will give you the freedom to screenshot several web pages at a time and save them on your preferred storage space. If you are using an iPhone or iPad to do the funnel hack, it has a photo tool that you can use anytime. On the other hand, a snipping tool is the most recommended screen shooting tool if you are using a laptop or computer. If you want the best result, it is highly recommended to use an awesome screenshot instead. 

Organizing Funnel Information

The first thing you have to do is to create a folder on your device. After that, you must open it and create several sub-folders. For instance, if you have identified 10 competitors, you should also have 10 sub-folders with the name of each competitor. When you gather information about your competitor, you just have to open the associated folder to store them. 

If you are now visiting one of your competitors’ online stores, you must take a full-page screenshot and put it on the sb-folder with its name. Aside from the importance of landing pages and emails, you will also realize how the right wording and design are necessary to reach success in the industry. With just a few clicks on your device, you can already find a lot of landing pages through Facebook or Google ads. Keep in mind that a lot of business owners in almost all industries use Facebook or LinkedIn to attract customers. Make sure to check the sponsored list on your news feed from time to time. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of the interesting posts and save them on your device. After you are satisfied with all the information you collected, now is the time to review them. If there are links that will require you to sign up, then do so for you to be able to grasp everything. 

Understand how your competitors made their sales funnel successful

If you examine the landing pages, Facebook, and Instagram ads of your competitors, you will realize that they have varying lengths and sections. Some of them are too short while others are too long with several sections. For you to know what you should incorporate in your business, you must be able to pinpoint the most successful ones and differentiate their layout and message structure from the unsuccessful ones. You must also be able to determine whether or not it is best to use an immediate view or popup. 

Things to consider when Engaging in Funnel Hacking

Type of headlines and fonts are just some of the things you have to consider when engaging in funnel hacking. The kind of landing page builder or funnel software used must also be taken into consideration. Aside from that, you must be wary of the colors used in the different sections as well as the videos and texts incorporated by the competitors. You must take note of the process of their products and services. Lastly, you have to determine if they use email sequence or list building as selling strategies.

If you have a limited budget, you might opt to use lead pages instead. It has one of the most affordable price points but it can effectively design a landing page. It can integrate the most commonly used applications and tools that can automate emails such as Drip and ConvertKit. If you can avail of a more expensive one, then you must give Karta a try. It is an all-in-one software tool that can address all our concerns. You may access it if you want to create landing pages, email sequences, and training courses. 

Dig deeper about your competitors’ funnels

Now that you have all the information about your competitors’ funnels, you have to try them out. Remember that when you dig deeper, you will reap great results. It can be as simple as clicking the associated button or typing your email address. In some instances, you will be given access to their ebook and cheat sheet for free. The latter will give you a deeper understanding of how they entice customers to avail their products.

Why must you use Email Sequencing?

After you perform email sequencing, you will be a part of their email list. When this happens, you will be one of the receivers of all the things that they send to their customers or new subscribers. If you noticed that your competitors are about to host webinars to widen their customer base, you might want to register and attend. Doing this means having the opportunity to get to know their messaging that you can incorporate in your webinars.

Some of your competitors can really have great webinars letting you know that you have to step up in the game. But there are also those with really boring webinars, so make sure that you list down points for improvement and use them to provide every customer with the best webinar experience. However, you might find yourself needing to spend an amount of money if you want to learn how your competitors can turn their prospects into leads. It is a strategy used by the majority of startup business owners.

In Conclusion

After reading, we hope you now have a better understanding of what funnel hacking is as well as the process you have to take when incorporating it into your business activities. If you think that it can help you generate more sales, then why not build your own funnel database today? 

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