What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels (formerly known as GrooveApps) is a full suite of digital marketing tools that have been designed to help enable you to run a profitable and successful online business.

The excitement that has been built around this new platform comes from the collective experience in the marketing sphere of its founders, which includes Mike Filsaime who left Kartra to start up GrooveFunnels.

The platform gives you the tools for creating sales funnels, building entire websites and landing pages, selling both digital and physical products, building and marketing with your own email list, and much much more.

Do bear in mind that GrooveFunnels is currently in beta, which means that many of the features mentioned in this article are still in development at the time of this review.

Right now, GroovePages and GrooveSell also both provide their users with a free lifetime account. More on that in a bit.. 

Mmm hmm, you read that correctly. GrooveFunnels is giving away the fundamental elements of Clickfunnels for free in order to promote its product.

How does GrooveFunnels work?

GrooveFunnels is a whole collection of applications that include, among others, the landing page builder GroovePages, the email platform GrooveMail, and the sales platform GrooveSell. 

Put simply, once you have access to all of the apps, you could theoretically use GrooveFunnels to run your entire business. It would be much cheaper and contain a larger number of features collectively than purchasing the individual products by themselves.

The suite’s whole list of apps is quite mind-boggling, and it seems to cover almost every aspect of a company’s marketing operations.

GrooveFunnels Features

  • GroovePages — The GroovePages tool is what you will be using to build landing pages, websites, and sales funnels.
  • GrooveSell — The GrooveSell Tool gives you full access to the GrooveFunnels payment gateways. This gives you the power to sell both physical products, digital products, subscriptions, or memberships.
  • GrooveAffiliate — This is GrooveFunnel’s affiliate program, which is available to all members of GrooveFunnels. Using this affiliate program you can receive 20% recurring commissions on people who you get signed up to and using GrooveFunnels. 
  • GrooveMail — This is GrooveFunnel’s email marketing solution and CRM. It gives its users the ability to tag subscribers, automate sequences, perform text and voice broadcasting, and the standard email service provider features you’d expect. 
  • GrooveMember — This user membership tool allows GrooveFunnels users to develop and ultimately manage membership sites. It also includes a content management system (CMS) so that only members can access certain content. 
  • GrooveVideo — This video content tool allows GrooveFunnels users to upload and host their video content right on their landing pages. 
  • Email Leads — This email tool allows users to collect, organise, and email your leads. This is a feature that’s not available on the GrooveFunnels free plan. 
  • GrooveQuiz — Quizzes are a great and interactive way to grow your email list. And GrooveQuiz is a tool that allows you to build and integrate your own quizzes into your sales funnels. You can also ( which is quite handy) use this tool to create surveys and collect information about your target audience.
  • Email Cart Abandons — Did you know that about 50% of all online shoppers abandon their shopping cart before finishing their purchase. Sending an email to these cart abandoners can help you to recapture lost sales. This GrooveFunnels feature allows you to do just that.

The drag and drop editor in GroovePages is very simple to use and navigate. It has a lot of options, which may be intimidating for new users at first, but you’ll find it very user-friendly after a few minutes of usage. The GroovePages editor has a WYSIWYG editor that is similar to but far superior to Unbounce’s landing page builder. The nicest aspect is that the pages are both mobile and SEO-friendly.

Groovefunnels Affiliate Management

Groovefunnels pays out commissions on regular monthly payments every week. It’s a high-converting product with a recurring revenue potential of up to 40%. If your affiliate Id was used by someone to sign up for GrooveFunnels free version, you get the entire commission if that person upgrades. It has a centralized dashboard that is easy to use. 

The dashboard allows you to watch your progress, and you can even switch from being an affiliate to a vendor by clicking a simple button on the dashboard. Create a free GrooveSell account if you want a free built-in affiliate management system that allows you to establish commissions, track affiliates, supply marketing materials, and more. Especially when your affiliate sign-up sales earn you 20% Tier 2 commissions.

GrooveFunnels Membership Sites

Groovefunnels provides a simple sign-up method whereby a person becomes a member and may access the content after making a purchase. It is straightforward to set up from the standpoint of the owner, it permits both gate and drip content, and offers a variety of membership types, including free access. 

However, each GrooveMember free account is limited to 100 people. If you do happen to upgrade to a Lifetime subscription, the number of members is unrestricted. GrooveFunnels plans to release its GrooveMember app, a membership CMS with tons of features and customisation choices, later this year, as a Teachable competitor.

Groovefunnels Sales and Checkout Features

GrooveFunnels, offers GrooveSell for free, which is a full-featured sales and affiliate management platform that lets you accept payments for physical and digital products, subscriptions, and services. It also enables you to develop high-conversion checkout pages. 

You may also use its templated funnels to quickly develop sales, checkout, and thank you sites. It works well with Stripe and PayPal to allow for a one-step checkout.

Email Marketing Automation

GrooveMail is a fully functional email marketing CRM. Like Katra, it will allow you to segment your leads, develop email campaigns, schedule follow-ups, and so on. The user interface is simple to use and robust enough to handle all autoresponder requirements. GrooveMail, on the other hand, has some limits. For example, you can’t clone broadcast emails, and the email builder isn’t as user-friendly as GroovePages‘.

GrooveFunnels Customer Support and Community

You can raise tickets using Groovefunnels’ built-in software, GrooveDesk. The response time is fairly swift, and you can also use the live chat feature if you have an urgent issue.

Groovefunnels Pricing

When it comes to GrooveFunnels pricing plans, it’s easy to become lost in the various options and what they entail. Let’s begin with the Base plan, which is completely free. 

Yes, you read that correctly: it is completely free. GroovePages Lite, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate are included in the Base subscription, as well as all future upgrades for those apps. 

Each referral will earn you a 20% recurring commission through the affiliate program. The Silver plan costs $99 per month and gives you access to GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, and GrooveVideo in addition to the Pro edition of GroovePages. Referral commissions will stay unchanged at 20%. The Gold plan is $199 per month and includes everything in the Silver package + more.

What makes Groovefunnels different?

  • Groovefunnels offers new users a free lifetime platinum option, which includes lifetime access to all of the company’s goods as well as future updates.
  • It also offers an email service (GrooveMail) with a behavioral tagging mechanism similar to ActiveCampaign. Your broadcasts, email series, and follow-up emails can all be sent.
  • There’s no need to upload your videos on a third-party video hosting service like Vimeo or YouTube. GrooveVideos allows you to upload videos to your pages.
  • Even their most basic package includes a digital calendar and helps desk tools.
  • GrooveBlogs provides you with a fully-featured blog platform that allows you to publish a variety of different types of material.
  • Their pages are well-optimized to achieve high rankings and organic traffic. This is critical for your brand’s sales and exposure.

GrooveFunnels is the way to go for you if:

  • Prepare to host a large number of videos. 
  • You desire GroovePages and GrooveSells for the rest of your life.
  • You’ll require far more than just a sales funnel builder. You wish to host movies, have a digital calendar that is automatically updated, and hold webinars, among other things.
  • A fully functional blog platform is required.
  • Want free access to a funnel builder (GroovePages) and an e-commerce platform (GrooveSell) for the rest of your life?
  • Ticketing system to organize your problems and inquiries.

Is Groovefunnels better than Clickfunnels?

While each platform has its own pros and cons we find that even though GrooveFunnels is still in beta, the technology stack that operates GroovePages at this stage is on par to that of ClickFunnels.

Furthermore, the thought process surrounding the platform and some of the new and upcoming features appears to be on the next level. The team at GrooveFunnels has thought of everything that might be needed in a marketing platform. The development of all those features, however, will take a considerable amount of time and effort, which is why the full rollout of GrooveFunnels will happen over an extended period of time, that said though ClickFunnels will have future developments of its own to match. Watch this space.

Is Groovefunnels a legitimate affiliate marketing tool?

GrooveFunnels is not a pyramid scheme and It’s definitely a legit company. Their 2-Tier commission structure is not part of a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or pyramid scheme. It is simply a way to incentivize people en masse to promote the product.

Is GrooveFunnels Free?

GrooveFunnels has a free plan that gives you access to some of its most basic features. But if you want to get access to most of the tools that we mentioned above, then you’ll need to pay for their Silver or Gold plan. … Once that promotion is over, you’ll need to pay either $99 or $199 per month.

How much is GrooveFunnels Pro?

Groovefunnels has recently announced that the Lifetime Platinum cost will gradually increase before being ultimately replaced by monthly billing at $299 per month. 

The current Groovefunnels price of $1,997 will steeply rise to $2,497 before the Lifetime deal is ended.

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